Why A Web Designer Is Important For Your Business

January 8, 2023
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Looking for Auckland-based WordPress website designers or a New Zealand-based Shopify web agency can be intimidating, especially when trying to figure out where to begin and then grasp the full extent of what’s involved.

At Virtual Innovation, we understand that it can be challenging to locate a designer who truly understands your unique business and vision without bewildering you with incomprehensible jargon.

That’s why we’ve created this blog post – to answer some of the questions that you may have, but couldn’t fully consider satisfactorily, through lack of good straightforward information.

Our helpful guide covers various topics to provide you with the support and knowledge needed for a successful next step towards your website build, regardless of whether this is your business’s first move into the digital world or you aim to revamp your existing business website.

Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

Engaging a web designer is essential to achieving the digital presence that your business needs.

Web designers have the expertise and experience to create a stunning web design for you, so your website appeals to both customers and search engines.

As leading web designers in Auckland who have worked with businesses across New Zealand, our web design professionals are up-to-date with the latest web developments and trends.

They can guide you through the process of creating an effective web design that will help grow your audience, increase conversions, and optimise user engagement.

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A web designer is a true asset to your business giving your website the boost it needs to succeed.

How Do Web Designers Price Their Products and Services?

Web designers price their products and services differently depending on the complexity of the web design project.

A New Zealand web design company such as ours typically starts with an initial consultation to gain an understanding of your web design needs and will then provide pricing options based on the scope of work, the effort required, a timeline for completion and any additional web design or site hosting services that you may need.

Factors such as website development, copywriting services, content management systems and web hosting costs must be taken into consideration when our web design agency creates a web design package for our clients.

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Web design and web development are two crucial components necessary to create one web page or a whole website.

Web design is the artistic creation of web pages, utilizing visuals and media elements, such as images, videos, typography and animation, to enhance your user’s experience.

On the other hand, web development is the coding and programming side of webpage production; web developers use a range of languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring web designs to life.

Most web designers in Auckland or throughout New Zealand will tell you that having a successful web presence needs both web designers and web developers working together cohesively for it to be effective.

What Makes a Great Website?

Creating a web design that resonates and connects with your target audience is the key to a successful website.

As web designers in Auckland, NZ, Virtual Innovation has extensive experience in creating web designs that are easy to use, informative, and attractive, as well as driving customer traffic through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

A great website should encapsulate all these things, as well as meet the needs of your business. It must provide an effortless user experience while delivering valuable content.

We strive to find the perfect balance between usability, aesthetics and function when it comes to web design – producing high-quality web designs that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.

5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Website

If you’re looking to create an incredible web presence for your business, it’s important to equip yourself with some key knowledge before you start to consider a possible design for your website.

Working with a web designer like Virtual Innovation can help ensure success and make the website creation process simpler and much faster.

Before beginning the web design process, there are five key things that you should consider:

Website Design
  • Assess your company’s purpose and focus: many web designers will build sites based on current trends rather than what is most suitable for your business.
  • Consider the issues around usability; a good web designer will take steps to make sure visitors find it easy to navigate and interact with the site.
  • Then consider visual impact; look at other web designs that caught your eye and try to understand why they have had such success visually.
  • Think about your website content; the message you want to communicate to your potential customers has to be clear while also blending seamlessly with visuals and technical elements of the web design.
  • Finally, make sure you consider search engine optimization (SEO) – the arrangement of keywords throughout your website can be key for its success in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Working with a knowledgeable web designer like Virtual Innovation will lead to a successful outcome.

Which Colours Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Whether we are designing a website for WordPress or Shopify, one of the most important decisions we support our clients with, is helping them to choose the right colours for their website.

Colours have a powerful impact on web design, so it is important to select your colours carefully and consider how they will affect a web page’s overall appearance.

When selecting colours for your web design, it is best to pick those that are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful.

Optimise for Mobile Devices

Using muted tones can create a tranquil feel, vibrant colours can bring life to a web page, and neutral tones can be used to bring focus to specific areas of content.

Along with considering the emotional response you want the colours to give your audience, also take into consideration how contrasting colours can create balance throughout the web page.

At Virtual Innovation, we understand how important colour decisions are, so we can help you find the perfect palette for your website.

Our team of Auckland-based professionals, with expertise in web design and development, will work with you to create an effective website that resonates with your target audience.

What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need it?

Responsive web design is a design approach that creates a web page that adjusts automatically to the physical device it is viewed on.

This means web designers can craft websites for a variety of screen sizes and users can have the same positive interactive experience regardless of the device they are using.

As leading New Zealand WordPress and Shopify web designers we want to ensure that all the websites we create can reach as many people as possible, so to do that they must utilise responsive web design.

It enables us to create efficient and user-friendly web pages that set them apart from most other web designs.

Not only does this approach enhance our client’s user experience, but it also saves time and money in web maintenance and development costs due to its adaptability across different devices.

Simply put, responsive web design enhances any website’s overall aesthetic and usability, making it essential for modern web designers to incorporate it into their site designs.

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

Web design with a mobile-first design philosophy has made web designers rethink the way they create web layouts.

With more and more web traffic coming from mobile devices, web designers are looking for various ways to maximize the user experience for all device sizes without compromising functionality.

This ‘mobile-first’ approach often involves designing for the smallest screen first and then including a number of flexible viewport sizes for medium to larger displays.

The New Zealand public has embraced mobile technology significantly, so as a leading Web Design agency in Auckland New Zealand, it makes total sense to emphasise to our clients that a mobile-first strategy of web design, will ultimately drive more conversions and enhance their user’s experience and thus allow them to achieve their business objectives.

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Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

Although it may seem like a breeze to craft your website yourself, numerous pitfalls and missteps can occur in the DIY web design process.

As experienced Web designers, we often see amateur web pages that have common issues such as outdated technology, out-of-date content, oversized images, too much text, and a lack of organization.

Furthermore, people who attempt to take the DIY web design route may pay a hefty price in terms of lost time and potential customers when they fail to include necessary information or utilize proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices.

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It appears that do-it-yourself web design is not only a field that has great potential to make errors, but it’s also one best left to the professionals.

How Long Will it Take to Design & Build My Website?

Building a website can seem like an intimidating task, but our Auckland-based Web Design Agency is well-prepared to tackle any challenge.

Depending on its complexity, creating a website can take anywhere from a few days to a few months of effort.

Factors such as web design elements and page layouts, special web applications and plugins, and coding optimisation can affect the completion time.

But working with an experienced New Zealand-based Web Design Agency can help to make sure that your website is crafted quickly and effectively, so you can start using it for your business goals in no time.

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The Single Most Important Thing About Your Web Design

As New Zealand Web designers, our focus has always remained on our client’s needs, and this is our single most important web design principle.

Our job as web designers is to create a web design, which focuses on the user experience.

When we create something with a customer-first approach – taking into consideration their goals, target audience and end purpose, it ensures that their website visitors come back often and make transactions more frequently.

Every webpage we create is built with usability and accessibility in mind.

We believe that as a leading New Zealand Web Design Agency, we must focus our efforts to ensure that our web designs are both attractive as well as responsive so that they can be accessed from many devices to give your customers the best experience.


Now that you’re aware of some of the key reasons to engage an Auckland-based Web Designer, it’s time to get started!

If you’re seeking more information or would like to speak with us about your particular requirements, we’d be delighted to assist.

Our team of professionals are among the finest in New Zealand and it would be our pleasure to help you launch a stunning WordPress website or a profitable Shopify eCommerce online store.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Contact Virtual Innovation now and turn your vision into reality!

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