Why Visitors Leave Your Website & How You Can Fix It

Nowadays, people can make snap judgments. Did you know it takes only seconds to form a first impression of a person? Websites are no different.

According to a Google research, it only takes about 50 milliseconds – that’s 0.05 seconds – for visitors to form an opinion about your website. An opinion that determines whether they’ll stay and find out more, or leave and never come back.

First impressions matter. The better the first impression, the longer visitors are likely to stay on the website and possibly get in contact.

Are people spending a long time on the page? Are they converting on a goal?

Here are the 2 main reasons why visitors leave a website:

1. Poor design and user experience

Visual appeal and website navigation have the biggest influence on people’s first impressions of a website. Common problems encountered by some website’s visitors include:

  • Busy layout
  • Boring web design
  • Slow-to-load page or a page that has technical errors
  • Isn’t mobile-friendly

2. Poor content 

One of the most important strategies to improve your engagement rate is to ensure your website content is engaging, optimized and it resonates with your visitors. Your content has to engage customers’ emotions and let them know why you’re the answer to their problems.

What you should do to make it better 

Capture your visitors’ attention in 5 seconds! There are 2 main changes you can apply to create a user-friendly engaging website that your visitors will enjoy.

1. Make sure the look and feel of your website is driving positive first impressions

Keep your website up to date and use a straightforward layout and design. 

A good first impression leads to a longer visit. According to a study, first impressions are 94% design related. Make sure the six elements listed below look great on your website:

  • Company logo
  • Main navigation menu
  • Search box
  • Site’s main image
  • Site’s written content
  • Footer

2. Make sure your homepage features the following core content:

  • Logo and name of your company
  • Headline or your tag line that tells the core idea of your company
  • What you do and who you do it for

Getting your visitors to interact with your website is an integral part of your website’s design and content strategies. It is vital to continue to generate informative and insightful online content and provide the best user experience.

Let’s make your website interactive and make your content enjoyable and engaging. Contact us below!

Looking to level up your digital game?

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