With all the websites we create, we recommend adding a Facebook pixel. Even if you don’t plan to use it yet.

It will allow your website to track visitors from your website so that you can send them future marketing campaigns.

Here are the steps we need you to follow to provide us the little bit of code we require.

1. Login to Facebook Events Manager here

If you have not used this before you may need to go through a simple process to get FB Business setup.

2. Go to your Pixels tab in Events Manager. Click the green button to create a pixel.

3. Name your pixel (we suggest calling it – Main Website Pixel) , enter your website URL (this is the domain name of your website e.g. virtualinnovation.co.nz , and click ‘Create

4. We now need you to select the button that says ’email to the developer’ to send it to your project manager on your website project (or if you are doing it yourself grab the code and add it to the right area of your website).

5. Add Recipient – Add the email address of your Project Manager.

Once you have done the steps above, kindly let us know and we make the necessary steps moving forward to add your Facebook Pixel to your website.

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