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5 Questions To Ask In A Video Testimonial

What can you do to find out if a company or a product is as good as they claim to be? Simple, check their reviews and testimonials!

A customer’s testimonial is the most powerful and effective type of video content. It helps a lot when you need to build brand trust and inform your target audience of how great your products or services are!

Here are the 5 Questions to Ask in a Video Testimonial:

1. What was your main concern before working with us?
All customers have their hesitations. It could be due to the price or other personal pros/cons. By asking this question and helping the customers answer how they overcame this hesitation, you help other people make up their minds.

2. After working with us, what are you most happy about?
Creating positive expectations about your service can help you sway potential customers. They want to hear about the positive effects the service has had. This significantly helps decrease purchase ambiguity.

3. What has changed for you since working with us?
Help your customers answer this question as specifically as possible. You want your testimonial to highlight key selling-points. By asking for specific features, you have more to talk about to other potential customers.

4. What surprised you the most about coaching?
This question has two distinct benefits. Firstly, it will provide information about your product that you may not have included in previous marketing materials. Secondly, if you ask this question correctly, it will showcase the customer’s sincerity creating a powerful testimonial with a genuine feel.

5. Would you recommend working with us to our potential customers?
A great way to persuade potential customers to commit is to ask existing customers why they would recommend your service. This question gives you a hard-core testimonial to use across all your marketing channels.

These five questions are designed to get your customers to talk about their initial concerns, their experience working with you and how your products or services have helped them to solve their problems. Ask all these questions and you will surely get a handful of great sound bites that you can use to promote your offer.

Here’s an example of a video testimonial:

Start marketing with video testimonials today!

If you need any help with improving a video testimonial or you want to upgrade the look and feel of a Testimonial’s page, reach out to us at VirtualInnovation.co.nz or book a free consultation below.

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