Country’s Leading Property Coach Needed To Get Automated To Help More People


Steve Goodey has been in the Property Investment Scene for the best part of 20 years. Not only does he teach and coach – he actually invests. Steve has worked with a variety of coaching companies over the years.

Deciding to change his style to be more friendly, real, and personal he needed help pulling together a way of finding new clients, getting them on board & automating a variety of processes.

He is a brilliant coach & creator but not that interested in the admin (who is right!)

Next Step

Stephen flew down to Wellington to spend a day working with Steve (we ate well and had a few beers – work has to be fun right!). By the end of the day we had crafted a plan on how Steve would go forward.

We pulled together a clean and simple website & application process for his programmes. Along with automation & advice on the type of content people wanted to see.


Steve is one (if not the top) Commentator on the property market in New Zealand. His one-on-one course is overflowing with great clients and he is doing great.

We built a system that was not overly complicated, but did the job. Too many digital companies overcomplicate things. We don’t.

If you have not checked out Steve’s videos they are awesome take a look here.

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