Reducing Inefficiency

Ever feel like your IT systems are clunky, don’t talk to each other and cause more problems than they are worth? We take the time to learn about you and your business and suggest & build solutions that take away your pain.

Increasing Productivity

Could your staff be doing higher value jobs in your organisation? But they are stuck in manual admin. We can build systems that automate boring and monotonous tasks that lead to your team being more productive and happier.

Unique Tools

Want to stand out from the competition? Maybe you have a great idea that needs developing that would differentiate you in the market. From online calculators to client portals we can help make you stand out from the crowd.

‘We were using a bunch of different systems that did not talk to each other which meant hours of wasted admin time holding us back from growing’

‘Virtual Innovation developed us a cost effective system that speeds up our process, turned us to technology leaders in our industry and just made our lives easier’

‘We have managed to save over 20 hours a week in admin time and costs while having happier clients and lowering the risk if someone left. We can’t recommend these guys enough’

Hayley McKeown, SWAS Manager

Our Difference

We believe software should make lives easier, not harder. Our commitment to our clients is that we take the time to understand their problems, what they want the process to look like and then we take all the hard work off there hands and just get it done.

We become a part of our client’s team, improving as you learn new lessons, always making you more efficient, productive and fun.

We speak English (not geek), so will help you get clear on what you want on time and on budget. When you get a quote from us it is not a 40-page document with long words but a collaborative documents using images so we get the brief right the first time.

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