Where To Store Your Video

Have you created a new video that we have edited?

Or maybe you grabbed one of our awesome pre-made videos.

Now you need to decide how you are going to show it.

Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. YouTube – It is the most powerful video-sharing and search engine platform. You can share educational, entertaining and any informational videos. (If you don’t have time to set your channel up we can do it for you – click here).
  2. Social Media – Videos are the most shareable marketing content of all. They generate more engagement and interaction than any other type of content and work very well on social media platforms like Facebook.
  3. Your Website – Most viewers don’t scroll down to the bottom of websites. If you want to grab your visitors’ attention, place your video on the homepage, blog and landing pages.
  4. Email – Videos and emails work perfectly hand in hand. When using video to entice your target audience via email, the opening rates grow dramatically. You can add the video to the body or email signature of your email.
  5. Presentations – Video has a high power of synthesis and engagement to grab the attention of business partners, leaders or investors when you’re introducing your new product. It works great to make a compelling elevator pitch.

If you have any question or need some advice, book a call with Stephen.

Need a new customised video? Feel free to contact us. You can order via our website www.virtualinnovation.co.nz or email us at team@virtualinnovation.co.nz.


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