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The Best Ways To Start A Podcast

Content marketing is the future of advertising. As more and more people turn away from traditional media, they turn towards digital media for entertainment and news. If you have a business, you must produce trustworthy content as soon as possible to grab your share of this growing market.

With benefits like mobility and flexibility, today’s successful companies adopt innovative solutions to keep up with the changing market. As an increasing number of businesses begin to think outside the box, podcasting is becoming a popular way for companies to stay in touch with their customers and grow their brands.

Podcasts started as a geeky way of providing information to niche audiences. Today, podcasts have become mainstream and are now the fastest-growing media format, reaching more than 60 million people each month. Podcasts have seen a steady rise in popularity over the last couple of years.

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

  • Podcasts are the perfect way for businesses and individuals alike to share their knowledge, expertise, and stories with the world.
  • They are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness for your business, provide much-needed traffic for your website, or even give you the exposure needed to gain new clients.
  • They have a long shelf life.
  • They can take less time than writing blog posts or making YouTube videos.
  • They allow people to learn about industry experts’ information interactively without feeling like they’re selling something.
  • Podcasts are a great way to connect with customers and prospects.
  • Podcasts can be listened to on the go, meaning they’re perfect for people who work or commute.
  • Podcasts allow you to stay connected on your current projects by listening whenever it suits your schedule.

Today the entertainment industry is becoming more and more saturated with content. As a business owner trying to get your name out there on the internet, I’m sure you can appreciate what we’re all feeling – It seems impossible to stand out amongst the competition on social media.

With 2021 being an actual year of content, podcasters are in high demand. Starting your podcast might be the best way for you to make yourself stand out!

podcast microphone
Start a Podcast in Only 9 Steps:

1. Find a topic you’re passionate about

2. Ask yourself some questions: What type of personality do I have? Do I want guests or just me interviewing myself? Who am I trying to reach?

3. Get your equipment together like microphones, mixers, cables, and editing software.

4. Find out if you need any special permissions to record in public areas or online.

5. Create an outline of the episodes, including topics and potential guests for each episode

6. Record episodes in advance to save time when it comes time to publish them

7. Create a website for your podcast and upload episodes there, or use another service that lets you host podcasts online (e.g., SoundCloud)

8. Upload each episode to your social media or blog for people to listen on their computer or mobile device

9. Promote, promote, promote!

It’s hard to come up with a good idea for a podcast and keep it fresh! It’s always been challenging coming up with an exciting vision for a new show, but now that 2021 is finally here, the challenge has never been more demanding. But as any business owner knows, all you need is one great idea to stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Innovation is the best place to start your podcast. With our help, you’ll be able to create a fantastic show that will resonate with your audience and get them excited about what you have to say. We know how difficult it can be to find the time or resources needed for this project, so we offer affordable pricing and flexible scheduling options.

You won’t have any trouble finding content ideas when we take care of everything from scripting, recording, editing and distributing your episodes. Let us help you get your first episode up in no time at all and enable 2021 to be the year that you can finally start a podcast!

Are you looking to start a podcast, need some coaching, and improve your video before uploading your podcast? Then get in touch with our friendly team for coaching sessions and quotations. You can email us at stephen@virtualinnovation.co.nz or book a call below.

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