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Covid Funding: Do You Qualify?

Covid-19 has effected many small and medium businesses throughout New Zealand.

The government has stepped up and created the Covid 19 Business Advisory Fund to support you at this time. Could you qualify for support?

The fund is available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN), which we are proud to be a part of and to be able to help your business throughout this challenging time.

Virtual Innovation offers some of the services that are registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund, including business planning and marketing. We understand that what businesses need the most coming out of this pandemic is more sales.

To help our clients finding and keeping more of their ideal clients, we designed the Website Blueprint Program to help them create websites that deliver real results. Our program has proven to improve companies’ website leads by over three times.


If you are a business in need of more sales and your first point of call is a conversation to start the sales process, we will coach you, advise you and provide you with the most valuable resource to attract your ideal prospects.

What is the process to get started?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may qualify for funding or co-funding to help pay for advisory and marketing services, such as our Website Blueprint Program. Funding will cover up to 100% of your costs, while with the co-funding arrangement your business must pay at least half the training costs. Please click here for more information.

The funding is available through the RBPN Growth Advisors.

For advice on what types of help you might be eligible for, the first step is to register your business through the RBPN. Once you registered, your growth advisor will contact you within 48 hours to set up a meeting to discuss your needs, aspirations and challenges. From there it will be determined which option will be most appropriate for your business needs.

You can find more information and answers to the most common question by visiting the RBPN page here.

We are very proud and excited to be part of the Regional Business Partner Network. Virtual Innovation and The Regional Partner Business Network can help your business thrive and we are confident that we can help and provide great value to many eligible businesses during this trialing time.

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