The newest way to introduce yourself delivering you more leads & referrals

Help people buy-in to you and the problem you solve on Auto-pilot.

Does video really work at selling your service? Is it worth the investment?

That’s what you want to know, isn’t it?

If it works it’s a no-brainer to get one. Right?

When clients come to us at the start they usually explain what they do. They tell us what to put in the video, what they do for customers and what they want to achieve.

Good videos are not about what. Average videos are.

You see a good video answers 1 simple question ‘Why should I care about you?’

If you are at a BBQ and get asked what you do and you say ‘Im an insurance adviser’ the conversation usually gets steered quickly away from work.

But if you want to build a new client relationship you have to explain why.

You could say ‘I help people sleep better at night knowing they are safe’

That is why they should care more about what you do.


Signature videos use a formula to answer the Why from 3 different angles. Helping watchers understand why they should have a conversation with you.

They allow you to be at 100 BBQs at the same time. The video never stops working. A recent study stated the average video has a lifespan of 3 – 4 years.

That’s a lot of value for one video.

Not just that, signature videos can be used in so many ways. See some of the most popular below.

See what your signature video could look like

How it works

Tell Us About You

You answer a few simple questions that give us an insight into your value which we craft into the perfect video script.

Record Your Script

Using our 1 click voice recorder you record your script from your smartphone and instantly send it to the animation team.

Share Your Video

After you are 100% happy with the video it is uploaded to youtube and we give you the exact steps to get it shared and noticed.

Get Your Signature Video

  • Use our winning script creator
  • Your voice is used for the personal touch
  • Inspiring music to lift your watcher
  • Custom character of yourself
  • 25 – 40 seconds long

Common Questions

How long is a video?

Usually, a signature video is 30 – 40 seconds long.

Do you have a guarantee?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the finished video – we will work with you until it is right though!

How do the 2 payments work?

You pay a deposit today and the final payment in a month. It’s all done on a credit or debit card. Great help with cash flow.

How do I market my video?

We give you our video strategy guide (videos + step by step workbook). With great tips. Some can be implemented in less than 5 minutes.

What do I have to do?

You work through our fill in the blank scriptwriting tool & use our voice recorder to record your voice on your phone. It takes less than 45 minutes to get your video going.