Our Process
It’s important for you to know what it’s going to look like working with the Virtual Innovation team.


What Will Move The Needle Call

If you are looking at working with us you will be looking for a specific result. In this session you will have a session with our Creative Director Stephen Martin to dig deep into what you need and what will actually make a noticeable difference in your business. 


Creating Your Blueprint

After we work out what you need at a high level we work to develop an overview, understand you better and create a plan of what is needed. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan – so don’t build a website, video or digital marketing campaign without one!


Let’s Create

Based on your blueprint it’s time to start creating the change you need – whether that is building you a new website, creating a funnel or download to capture more leads, an email campaign, video or even capability coaching.



Once we have completed the creation piece we get you live and start seeing how the market reacts. Our team is agile and is with you through this process to answer any questions.


The Long Run

These days it’s not about setting up a website once or just ‘launching a campaign’ it takes work. Our clients stay with us for the long run as we are an extension of their internal team. We continuously help you improve and grow. Many of our clients become friends (and we appreciate all of their referrals).