Otter: The AI-Powered Work Assistant You Need

Are you looking for a way to make meetings more productive and efficient? Recording and transcribing audio meetings or interviews is a huge pain point for sales teams, marketers, recruiters and anyone who needs to capture their conversations.

Some applications are expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and it doesn’t always work well; this is when comes in handy! Otter is a promising AI-powered assistive technology that helps you work smarter and faster.

It makes it easy for your team to record, share, search and transcribe any conversation in real-time. It enables you to get accurate transcripts from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are.

Watch the below to learn more about Otter:

Here are some of Otter essential features:

  • Share rich meeting notes with summary keywords, highlights, photos, and full audio transcripts.
  • Transcribe interviews, podcasts, and videos.
  • Provide live captioning for accessibility at events and conferences.
  • Record and review in real-time.
  • Search, play, edit, organize and share your conversations from any device.
  • Otter supports your workflow, so you stay productive. Integrate with your organization’s Zoom, Dropbox, and calendar tools.

Gone are the days of worrying about being misheard and wasting time going back over recordings for accuracy. With Otter, there are no more missed opportunities because of poor audio quality or lousy handwriting.

You can now have all your conversations recorded and transcribed with just one tap on your phone screen! And if you ever want to go back and review something from an old meeting – it’s right at your fingertips! The app is free; try it out for yourself –

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