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Your website can be the best tool in your business to attract, convert and book new sales meetings in your business. We’ve done it. It’s proven and we can help you do it too.

A Happy Client

You may have had an experience with a web developer who promised the world but did not deliver results when they counted. Hear from one of our clients on what he thinks about the work we did for him.

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What happens in our first session?

We offer a free initial Zoom meeting where we go through our framework (lots of value), see what your Return on investment would look like (is it worth doing) & see if we have a relationship fit (would we like working together – very important).

We have a clear visual presentation that will keep you engages and walk you through our proven system.

What countries do you work with?
Majority of our customers are based in New Zealand & Australia but we do have a couple of clients in the UK also. Being virtual means we can work with anyone – anywhere in the world.
Whats the difference with your system to an average website?
Simple websites are cheaper than ever to setup. Some times we even recommend this to certain customers. But I want you to imagine 200 years ago, you have a map drawer (is that a phrase?) that person could wield a pen and create a map so people could get from one place to the next.

Now everyone can wield a pen, but not everyone can create a map people can follow. We focus our skill set on what we do with the pen to bring our clients actual results.

Once the website is live then - what?

Hosting, support & updating – A website is a living organism, it needs to be looked after, kept up to date. Be it adding a testimonial, updating the software or optimising for speed. This is an ongoing process we help our clients with.

Content Creation – A key part of our system we will run through in our strategy session – You need to always be giving value while displaying authority. We create videos, write blog posts and deliver newsletters that can keep you front of mind with just the right people.

Being Seen – Once your website is live (this is the first step), it’s about getting out there. Depending on your business & industry this may look like – LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, SEO & Google Adwords and a few other tactics we have up our sleeves – we can help you with this too.