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5 Tips To Remember When Creating A Lead Magnet

Why Lead Magnets Still Work in 2021

The first question you may ask is what is a lead magnet? The answer is…

Lead Magnets are like asking if you can buy someone a drink on a first date. The person looking at you goes ‘Ok there is not too much commitment in that and I’m interested to learn more’.

Once they have the lead magnet (that drink and a chat), they are in a much better place to decide if you can help them.

Here are 5 tips to remember when creating a lead magnet:

1. Identify your buyer persona. Watch your ideal clients’ behaviours and create personas for the different people who interact with your business. Your lead magnet needs to be extremely specific to the people you want it to attract.

2. Decide the value proposition. Figure out what unique value proposition you are going to offer to each buyer persona. Identify where your buyer personas are in the buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration Stage and Decision Stage.

3. Choose what type of lead magnet you will offer. A lead magnet should deliver one quick win. It should help your audience to easily achieve something and solve a problem.

4. Create a quick to digest and instantly accessible lead magnet. Remember to keep it concise and straightforward. Checklists or eBooks tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to digest and can be delivered right away. Make sure to deliver what you promised.

5. Demonstrate your expertise. Your lead magnet should demonstrate your expertise and your unique value proposition for it helps to turn leads into customers.

Ready to create your lead magnet?

Remember, no matter what type of lead magnet you create, as long as you know who you are trying to serve and know what their pain points are, you’re on the right track. Your lead magnet should solve your audience problems and help them become an ideal client in the future.

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