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5 Things To Remember When Writing A Blog Post

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Today, we will be talking about things that will help you get sales digitally. We’re going to be looking at conversion rates on websites, the things you need on websites, articles, blogs, content and podcasting. Many different things that you can do to grow your business in these crazy times. So let’s dive into this episode.

We’re going to be talking about article writing and posting blog content. We get asked a lot about this topic: how often should we create a blog post? Should we write one weekly, monthly, yearly? How often should we share it? What type of content is required? Is there not too much content in the world?

It is a bunch of different questions we get asked. So I wanted to touch on this and give three or four straightforward tips that will help you make better decisions regarding blog posts.

The first tip I want to give you is to make sure that you don’t create a blog graveyard. I see this when we build websites. I see this on other customers’ websites, which come to us, blogs that never get posted.

If a customer comes to your website, and you’ve got a blog, and your last article was two years ago. What does that say to the customer? It either says that you’re not focused on keeping what you do up to date. If clients think about that, they might say to themselves, is that really whom I want to be working with, someone who can’t update their website with a blog? Or are they not aware of what it looks like?

You know, probably not. They’re probably not going to work with you a lot. We’ve seen this happen when many people go from websites that look a bit outdated. Or are they still in business?

consistent blog contentIt’s essential to make sure you are posting regularly. Even if you start off doing it every two or three months, at least you’ve got a regular system. And that brings us to the second point, consistency. Whatever framework you use for how often you post a blog post, make sure it’s consistent.

We recommend doing a post every month, which keeps it new, fresh, and updated. Google likes it more often than not.


Google would prefer every day if you had that level of content, but it’s not practical to do that. So we recommend either two weeks or a four-week decision to do them. So you don’t want to do it too often.

We have started doing podcast posts. So this is a podcast post, I’m recording my thoughts, and then the team turns this into a blog post. It’s a lot easier for us to get two of these up a month than if we’re sitting down and writing them from scratch every time. Plus, many people prefer to hear this spoken. There are ways to become more consistent with your blog posting. So that’s the second tip.

The third tip is to make it easy to digest. And when I say that, making it easy to digest allows people to skim read it. Many people won’t read 1000 1500 words, and Google requires or once more words than less. Speaking it for many people can mean you can end up with a 1500 word article that Google loves.

Without having to sit there and try and drag it out, you naturally will drag it out a bit by speaking. That’s a significant factor to think about. Just see me there, drag it out a little bit. So that you know the bigger, the better. Using things like tips, if you will record an article like this, look at five tips or four tips on a specific topic.

What I will naturally do is I will pick a topic. And I will write down those five tips that I want to talk about. I’ll bring up stories, explanations as I go with it. It leads to an interesting podcast. But what I’m after more than a podcast. I don’t mind if anyone listens to this. I’m looking to create blog content in an easy, systematic way.

The fourth thing is Calls-to-Action. It’s super important to make sure you put Calls-To-Action. For example, if you are looking for a website, or looking for consistent blogging content, get in touch with us in Virtual Innovation. We would love to help you. You know we’d love to help people, be more consistent because we know it’s the most challenging thing and busy times.

A call to action is like that. If someone has read a few tips and gone, this looks good. It is what I’ve been looking for. Make it easy for them to go to the next step, book a phone call with you, or send an email or make. Think about the most likely thing for them to do to take this relationship to the next level.

share blog post on social mediaThen the last tip, when once you’ve started getting these beautiful posts up with images and alt tags and all the SEO stuff in the background. You need to share it on social media.

I remember years ago that people thought it was going to be a bit of a fad. If anything it’s become, it’s just taken a life of its own. It’s going to be around for a long time and different versions. But it’s vital to make sure any blog posts are shared.


Now, we use Facebook and LinkedIn as our two core areas. And we’re going to start to do a bit more on Instagram soon. But this depends on what your industry is, where your audiences are.

Don’t forget that newsletters are a great place to share articles. If you’ve done voiced recordings, making it a lot easier for people to look at and understand and digest the information you’re sharing.

Another tip I would also give you is using a social media tool like Publer or Hootsuite. There’s a bunch of tools that will aggregate all of your social media platforms. And they’ll allow you to share once, and it’ll go to three or four different places.

Those places also allow you to use Evergreen content, which will enable you to share one post you wrote in January. You could also share it in March and September maybe, three or four times in the year, because most people won’t have seen that article. So you can share it on a more evergreen basis if it’s quality content.

It’s essential to make sure the content that you’re producing is valuable and not just blah, blah, blah, boring, boring, boring. So that’s what I want to share today. Guys, I hope this has been valuable to you.

I hope this has got you thinking about how to post your next blog post. What is your list of five tips you would like to give to your listeners or your readers? Have an epic day, and if we can ever help you at Virtual Innovation, you can contact us below.

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